How to find your niche for online English teaching

Find your niche for online English teaching

What is a niche market?

A niche a small section of the market, targetting people with specific needs or interests.


Do I need a niche for teaching English online?

It’s tempting to think that it’s better not to limit your options but this often creates a vague offer rather than showing potential customers that you are the expert in the field that they are looking to study. By creating a niche, you stand out against the competition. 

For example, which looks more appealing to someone who is looking to improve their pronuncation?

1. I teach General English and Exam practice to all ages and levels.

2. My lessons focus on speaking skills including fluency and accuracy. 


5 things to consider when choosing your niche for teaching English online

1. Choose something you love teaching

Then write down why you love teaching it. 

2. Decide your style

Consider what makes you different from other teachers

4. Ask current/past students for feedback

What do/did they like most about your teaching and why?

5. What niches could you link together? 

For example, exam practice focussing on pronunciation.

6. Is there a gap in the market I could fill?

For example, is there a particular industry or profession that could do with greater access to English lessons.

What types of online English niches exist?

Exam preparation
Whether it’s IELTS, FCE or TOEFL, you could specialise in a particular (or multiple) exams so that you really become an expert in giving the best support for students taking these exams.
Do you have experience of another industry which you could combine with your knowledge of English teaching? Or do you have a particular passion to teach a certain profession? Whether it’s aviation English, English for nurses or English for the footballers, this a great way to define your niche. 
By focussing on an age group, you can choose colours, images, even fonts that would appeal to that age to attract their attention.
By focussing on a nationality, you can highlight you understand what issues students will have so they feel reassured they will be working on what they struggle with most. 

Some students just want to practice speaking skills whilst others need to improve their writing skills. By choosing a skill you can ensure the student knows they won’t be wasting their time practising something that they already feel comfortable with.


What to do when you’ve chosen your niche?

Once you’ve decided on your niche you can focus all of your marketing to appeal to that set of students. 

Where to advertise

Consider where they are most likely to be looking for English classes. For example, if promoting on social media are your students (or the purchasers of your lessons) more likely to be on Facebook or Tik Tok. Are there any local forums or websites? 

What to advertise

Adapt the language, images, style, tone you use to appeal to your chosen students.

When to run your courses

Choose a time that will be convenient for your target market. For example, if you have chosen a school age group make sure your lessons are available after school hours. 

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