Where can I get free, high quality images to promote my school?

free online images

If you’re setting up your own online school, chances are you are going to need access to free online images, whether it’s for your website or to promote yourself on social media.

Whilst it’s always nice to use your own images, it’s not always possible.

Here are some useful sites where you can find high quality and copyright free images. Always check the terms and conditions for the latest rules on how you are allowed to use the images and whether any attribution is required.

The following sites all have images which are free to use with no attribution required.

This has a lot of great photos, images, videos and music but is linked up to WordPress and so you often see the same images being used on multiple sites. 

Loads of beautiful photographs and videos, categorised in themes which makes it easy to search. 

More very beautiful photographs and a huge variety! 

Another site of great photos but there are a lot of ads to contend with on the site. However, definitely worth checking out if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the other sites.

Designed for entrepreneurs this site has a nice section called “Business ideas” although unfortunately I haven’t seen a section on online schools yet. Images are being added all the time so perhaps this will be there in the future and there are a few other images that could work well for promoting online schools.

There aren’t loads of images on this site but some beautiful shapes and patterns that could make beautiful backgrounds.

We hope these are useful and add to the comments if you know of any more!