Free organisational tools to help with online school management

online school management tools

Here’s a list of some of the most useful organisational tools to help you manage your online teaching:


This is a great free tool for organising your notes, accessing them wherever you are and being able to share with students, teachers, colleagues etc. 

We like this tool as it is simple and intuitive as well as having integrated tools such as attaching pictures, voice memos, files, web clips and emails within the app. There are many uses for teachers and academic staff including keeping track of lesson plans and tagging these so that they can be easily found in the future.  


Slack is a messaging service designed for the workplace. I’ve heard of a number of places who have found this really useful to maintain communication with their colleagues whilst everyone is working from home. 

It could also work really well as a forum for students and teachers, where different channels are created to discuss different topics giving students extra support whilst studying remotely. 


This ‘visual collaboration tool’ is useful for teams working remotely. You can use it to plan out weekly schedules or even course syllabuses. It can also be used in the classroom to help students organise their group work or to share ideas or issues with the teacher and class. The tool is flexible so I’m sure there are many other possibilities for online education!


This scheduling tool helps you organise your online lessons with your students and can be embedded into your website.

Google docs

This is basically a shareable version of Microsoft Word and great for working on shared documents. As well as storing lesson plans and class documents it can also be used for collaborative writing. The teacher can easily mark or make comments on written work or use it for peer-to-peer feedback, particularly useful for exam writing practice to get students to start thinking like an examiner.

Google slides

Similar to Powerpoint presentations, google slides is a great way of presenting information, such as a new grammar point, and has the benefit of connecting with your google accounts and being able to easily share over the web. Your google slides can be added to mentimeter.


A tool for creating interactive presentations quickly, you can liven up your google slides and ensure students are engaging in your lessons. You can use it for getting responses to general questions such as ‘What sports do you play?’ or to find out what topics students would like to practise more. 


A Q&A and polling app which can help liven up your online lessons. If you’re struggling to get any feedback from your students or you are teaching large groups, then Slido can help make the lesson more interactive.

Does this look like too much to learn? Too many logins to remember? Get in touch and we can offer an integrated approach with everything in one affordable platform.

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