5 of the best professional development podcasts in ELT

ELT professional development podcasts

Are you a Director of Studies or ELT manager looking for ways to offer professional development to your teachers? Or an EFL teacher looking to find new ways to develop your skills?

There are now many TEFL podcasts specifically for ELT teachers, which are a great way to get new ideas for the classroom whilst on the move or relaxing at home.

TEFL Training Institute 

Ross Thorburn interviews expert guest speakers about a wide range of issues faced in the TEFL classroom. From Gender Fairness in the ELT classroom to Zombies of TEFL, Managing behaviour to Teaching Speaking, this podcast offers real in-depth insights into all areas facing English language teaching. The average length of these podcasts is about 15 minutes and around four new podcasts are added per month.

The TEFLology podcast 

This podcast is about English teaching and applied linguistics. It starts with a jaunty TEFL  jingle! These podcasts last about 40 minutes and so allow the speaker to expand on their answers and offer deeper insight into the speakers beliefs, ideas and tips about teaching English. Around two new podcasts are added per month. 

TEFL Boot Camp 

These TEFL podcasts offer a range of really helpful topics for helping teachers in the EFL classroom. The podcasts support a blog post which provides more in-depth analysis into the teacher development topic. Most of these podcasts are under 10 minutes long so a nice way to dip into the matter.

Masters of TESOL

A light-hearted TESOL podcast, where the interviewer chats with professionals about their area of expertise. These range from between 10 and 40 minutes. The sound quality is sometimes not great and there haven’t been any new podcasts added for a while but there is still a wealth of material on the site and worth checking out for professional development ideas.

British Council podcast: Education in Focus

Nine episodes looking more generally at teaching with a focus on South Asia, although has a global relevance. It looks at best practices, research and key challenges which could be useful to support your professional development. This podcast doesn’t cover everything but may have some extra specialist information to support your professional development.

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